Small Ads

Here you can list any Eels items wanted, for sale, for swaps or for auction. Use it as a kind of Eels trading notice board.

Here's how it'll work. Email me your advertisment (Eels related) and I'll post it on this page. Simple eh? And what's more, it's free, no charge, zip, zilch, nowt, nothing! Quote the box number in all correspondence. It early days and I've only just come up with the idea so I'm sure it'll change over time :)

Please note that small ads will only be placed for about a month and then removed. If you wish to be re-listed, re-email me!

STC - State Terms and Conditions
WP - Will Pay

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Quote: Box 8
  • Cancer for the Cure Single
  • Cancer for the Cure Promo Single (Catalogue Number: WDRMCD 22373)
  • Rags to Rags Single
  • Flyswatter Single (CD 1 & 2)
  • In Store Sampler (Catalogue Number: EELS3)
  • Nowheresville Single

Posted: 17th June 2004