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  06-Dec-2006 Added Electo-Shock Blues Austrian promotional cassette
11-Oct-2006 Added Trashing The Cathedral Rondor Sampler CD (DCPJ-109). Special thanks to Joe.
20-Aug-2006 Added French double BLaoR promotional CD set.
21-Mar-2006 LOGO! By popular demand and a number of straw polls with have a logo. By Schlomo!
15-Mar-2006 Added the Australian Dirty Girl (Town Hall) promotional single
13-Mar-2006 Added a "short" Trouble With Dreams French CD-R Acetate
28-Feb-2006 Added the EC, Korean and US Promo cassettes of Beautiful Freak (Thanks Giacomo.)
09-Feb-2006 Added French 8 Track Blinking Lights sampler CD. Many thanks to Colin for the scan
28-Jan-2006 Added "Novocaine For The Soul" (Radio Edit) 3:08 promotional cassette
26-Jan-2006 Added three track Mr. E's Beautiful Blues promotional CD
25-Jan-2006 Added German Blinking Light promotional double CD
25-Jan-2006 Added rear insert scan for Town Hall promotional CD
25-Jan-2006 Added pictures for Hey Man and Trouble with Dream singles
23-Jan-2006 Added Electro-Shock Blues Alternative cover design (DRMD-A-50052)
22-Jan-2006 Added Het Beste Uit Denk Aan Henk De Live Sessies CD Sampler feat. Live Manchester Girl
18-Oct-2005 Added Australian Hey Man promotional CD single. Thanks to Colin for the prod!
11-Oct-2005 Added UK Trouble With Dreams promotional CD single
08-Oct-2005 Added Australian Trouble With Dreams promotional CD single
02-Jul-2005 Added Christmastime in the LBC cassette sampler (888-165969-4) featuring a LIVE track
23-June-2005 Added US BLaoR Album Sampler (INTR 11394-2)
15-May-2005 Added US release of the Longbox A Man Called E (314 511 570-2)
07-May-2005 Added Chartbuster compilation CD to the E Solo page (PMP-017)
07-May-2005 Added UK release of the Hey Man promotional single (HEYMAN1)
06-May-2005 Added a German Universal gold CD-R acetate of Electro-Shock Blues with huge special thanks to Miss Jilly
20-April-2005 Added Swedish release of the Hey Man promotional single (EELSCDP1)
20-April-2005 Added UK Blinking Lights album sampler (Blinking1)
20-April-2005 Added US Blinking Light full advanced promotional CD (INTF 11365-2)
14-Dec-2004 Added a gold CD-R acetate of Rags To Rags

20-July-2004 Added another Beautiful Freak postcard!
17-July-2004 Added postcard to the Beautiful Freak postcard page, courtesy of David Martin.
17-July-2004 Added [Censored] version of Beautiful Freak courtesy of Angela (DRMD-50006).
23-June-2004 Small Ads updated.
03-June-2004 Added a German Souljacker sticker.
01-June-2004 Added a super scarce Jeannie's Diary One track promotional CD-R
01-June-2004 Added Shrek 2 Soundtrack
03-May-2004 Added Japanese release of A Man Called (E) (POCP-1218)
25-Apr-2004 Added a 2003 (Hope North) promotional photo I've had for ages but, erm, mislaid!
16-Apr-2004 Canadian Daisies promo (UMD 99301) added.
01-Feb-2004 Version 3.00 Launched!
09-Aug-2003 Added an amazingly rare Beautiful Freak Sampler Cassette featuring Trashing The Cathedral
22-Jun-2003 Added Saturday Morning four track promotional CD single (DRMR-14176-2)
22-Jun-2003 Added Shootenanny! German promotional CD (alternative sleeve design)
22-Jun-2003 Added Shootenanny! Japanese CD (UICW 1038)
21-Jun-2003 Added Shootenanny! UK Vinyl (4504598)
03-Jun-2003 Added US Saturday Morning promotional single (DRMR-14134-2)
29-May-2003 Added EU Saturday Morning promotional single (EELSCDP3)
22-May-2003 Added Holes sountrack (60092-7)
13-May-2003 Added Levity OST and Canadian ESB acetate
02-May-2003 Added Shootenanny! Album Sampler (NANNY1)
02-May-2003 Added second issue Shootenanny! Advanced CD
02-May-2003 Added UK Saturday Morning promotional single (NANNY2)
29-Apr-2003 Added fantastic Taiwanese release of ESB (CD-H310)
15-Apr-2003 Added cassette version of Daisies Of The Galaxy
12-Apr-2003 Added Shootenanny! page
30-Mar-2003 Added Australian copy of Beautiful Freak (DRMD-50001)
25-Mar-2003 Added TWO new samplers - More Music Live from The Panel and X96 Cheap Live X
24-Mar-2003 Finally, something new! Added the Australian release of Novocaine For The soul
05-Jan-2003 Added Westwood One Radio Show #98-07
03-Jan-2003 New CD Of The Month Rotten World Blues
03-Jan-2003 Added Un Automne compilations CD
03-Jan-2003 Added Select The Deep End compilations CD
03-Jan-2003 Added Souljacker German promotional CD
03-Jan-2003 Added Canadian release of Electro-Shock Blues
03-Jan-2003 Added Mr. E's Beautiful Blues video 01-Dec-2002 New CD Of The Month 3 SPEED
01-Dec-2002 Added French Souljacker Five Track Sampler
01-Dec-2002 Added Scream 2 French Extract CD
30-Nov-2002 Added the DRD versions of Your Lucky Day In Hell and Last Stop: This Town
29-Nov-2002 Added a new sticker set for Daisies Of The Galaxy
25-Nov-2002 Added UK CD-R Acetate of Souljacker
25-Nov-2002 Updated information on German Daisies promotional CD
09-Nov-2002 Added the UK issue promotional CD-R acetate of Electro-Shock Blues Show
08-Nov-2002 Added The End Of Violence soundtrack
07-Nov-2002 Added image of Eels Sampler three track CD-R Acetate
06-Nov-2002 Added Road Trip and Scrubs Soundtracks
06-Nov-2002 Added It's A Cool, Cool Christmas charity CD
04-Nov-2002 New CD Of The Month Beautiful Freak CD Single
04-Nov-2002 Added Grinch soundtrack 12-Oct-2002 Added "Clean" version of Daisies (0044-50252-2)
05-Oct-2002 Added Japanese release of Souljacker (UICW 1014)
03-Oct-2002 Added Beautiful Freak single (DRD-22292) and another Cancer For The Cure single (DRD 22373)
01-Oct-2002 New CD Of The Month ESB Show CD-R Acetate
28-Sep-2002 Added Scream 2 OST
15-Sep-2002 Added Radio Shows to the Other Items menu
12-Sep-2002 Added The Anniversary Party OST 03-Sep-2002 Added Beautiful Freak cassette (DRMC-5001)
02-Sep-2002 Added new tour flyer to the Souljacker section
01-Sep-2002 Japanese Daisies Of The Galaxy as New CD Of The Month!
01-Sep-2002 Added nurocknu sampler to Other Samplers section
28-Aug-2002 Added The Edge sampler to Other Samplers which features a live version of Novocaine
27-Aug-2002 Added one fantastic not seem before band photo and one recently unearthed promotional slide !!
25-Aug-2002 Added the EU release of Souljacker
25-Aug-2002 Added a new sampler to the Other Samplers section (Winter CD Sampler)
14-Aug-2002 Added a promotional booklet to the ESB menu
14-Aug-2002 Added Beautiful Freak (full album) DRMD-50001 to BF albums (full signed)
13-Aug-2002 Added Susan's House (with free badge) to Susan's House singles DRMDM 22241
13-Aug-2002 Added promo/advertising postcards for BF (Susans and Your Lucky Day) and ESB (Album and Cancer)
12-Aug-2002 Added Soundtracks section to Other Items
12-Aug-2002 Added scans of Lucky Day In Hell DRMS-22174 and PRO-CD-5048
11-Aug-2002 Added another Beautiful Freak sampler cassette. Origin unknown (transcript/scan to follow).
10-Aug-2002 Added Video section the the Other Items menu
08-Aug-2002 Added Electro-Shock Blues UK Cassette to ESB Album section
06-Aug-2002 Added the Japanese copy of Beautiful Freak to the Beautiful Freak Album section
06-Aug-2002 More samplers than you can shake a stick at in the Other Sampler section
06-Aug-2002 Australian copy of Last Stop: This Town DRMDM-22346
05-Aug-2002 Links page up and running
04-Aug-2002 Added new full CD advance CD-R promo to Souljacker
04-Aug-2002 Added a new one track promo to Your Lucky Day In Hell PRO-CD-5044
04-Aug-2002 Added scan of free badge to Susan's House
04-Aug-2002 Split Samplers into two sections
04-Aug-2002 General tidy up with added TOP link at the bottom of each page. You ask, you get!
31-Jul-2002 3 Speed single, ESB Show moved to new home and a ** NEW CD of the Month (ESB Listening Post) **
27-Jul-2002 Added TWO Fresh Feeling promos to Souljacker
22-Jul-2002 Finally tracked down the cassette single For Cancer For The Cure! See ESB Singles section.
21-Jul-2002 New Sticker added to Souljacker.
17-Jul-2002 Added Promotional/Publicity Photographs.
09-Jul-2002 Added Tickets! Phew! And the hit counter.
26-Jun-2002 Added Stickers to BF, ESB, DotG and Souljacker.
23-Jun-2002 Added Postcard section to Daisies and Souljacker .
23-Jun-2002 Added Oh What A Beautiful Morning.
22-Jun-2002 Added "Flyer" section to Daisies and Souljacker.